About us 


It all started when…

AbingdonCycling.com started in 2005 when Eddie Ramirez put together the first website. Of course, a group of local cyclists had already been riding these roads for years. The website was a way to coordinate efforts to grow the community. Here’s what it looked like back then.


The site was revised in 2019 when Link Elmore, Matt Crum, and Greg Meade formed Abingdon Cycling, Inc., a nonprofit organization to promote safe biking in the greater Abingdon area and to serve as an umbrella organization for the new Abingdon Composite youth mountain biking team, which had formed in Fall 2018 to race the Virginia NICA series. The site aims to pull together area roadies and mountain bikers, along with Creeper Trail and gravel bikers (and whatever else the industry decides to sell us on next). We believe cycling can be good for Abingdon. We already know Abingdon is great for cycling.