Virginia Creeper Trail

Abingdon cyclists are surely fortunate to have one of the nation’s premier rail-trails right in our own backyard. The VCT begins in Abingdon, just a block from Main Street, and stretches some 34.5 miles south. It descends from Abingdon to its lowest point where it crosses South Holston reservoir, just before Alvarado Station. Soon thereafter, it reaches Damascus and begins a slow climb up to Whitetop Station. There’s far more to tell about the Creeper Trail so head on over to the official website to learn more.

If you want a good cycling challenge, try starting at one of the lowest points in Washington County, near the small town of Mendota and riding to the top of Whitetop Mountain. Much of the route is via the Creeper Trail but when you get to Whitetop Station, you’re not done. Whitetop Mountain sits just a couple of miles away and there is a gravel road up to the weather station at the top that is quite rideable.